Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Steiner Waldorf Approach

The kindergarten uses the Steiner Waldorf approach which encourages children’s’ healthy development at their own pace and in a natural environment.

Our Kindergarten is working on the base anthropology of Rudolf Steiner.  The main idea is the principle of imitating learning.  Every child goes through phases of  youth and development at different stages.  In the first seven years children are learning mostly by imitating the environment in all of their manifestations.  The education should be orientated on these development stages.


Focal points of Rudolph Steiner Philosophy 

Free Play

The child learns through Imitation.  While playing it process his impressions.   It is important to produce Room and Time this is the main objective of our Kindergarten.

Rhythm and repeat

A repeating and regulated daily routine of a Day, a Week and a Year gives the Children safety and feeling of security.

Perception of the body

In a Steiner Kindergarten is it usual to be physical active.


The Children should investigate and discover the real world with all of there senses.  The Senses will be developed through the elements of the wood furniture and toys, as well as harmonic designed rooms.


When children starts to speak is different for each child.  However they all need good verbal examples.  This is the reason why Songs, rhymes, stories play an important role.


The fantasy of the child should be supported.  This is why in the Steiner Kindergarten you have often undersigned play elements (scarfs, logs, simple dolls or wooden figures) to stimulate the creative senses of the little once.

Social authority

The Children experience that depending on the age and skills are Rules and duties (Tidy up, clean the table etc.) for every child in the group are present.  So they learn also to carry responsibility for the whole community.

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